Friday Favorites

Favorite Ring

As much as I love a classic, minimalistic ring, I can't say I don't love a trendy and unique one also. Exploring different rings is so interesting to me. Each ring shows a different person and a different personality. You know that saying that you start to resemble your dog as a dog owner? Well I kind of feel like that could apply to rings too, haha. Whether you opt for a simple and dainty ring or an elaborate and complex ring, they all appeal differently. I find this ring to be extra unique with is dainty, yet trendy vibes. The cut reminds me of an old victorian home set in the 1880s. I love a good vintage ring.

Favorite Sweet Treat

Valentines day is the perfect excuse to break your resolutions and indulge a little. I love finding cute ways to celebrate Valentines day and these adorable cookies are no exception! Being single and in my early 20s I have learned to appreciate this day for what its worth, DESERTS! Recipe found here.

Favorite Look

Whether you are headed to dinner for a fancy date or (like me) have already booked your tickets to see the new Fifty shades Darker movie, a cute outfit that incorporates the holiday is a must! Aside from loving pink on a regular basis, I enjoy it even more on this day. I love this simple and timeless look to celebrate this day of love! I have linked some similar options for recreating this look below. (This Ralph Lauren Coat found here)

Favorite Beauty

Manicures are something that I try to incorporate into my budget when necessary. They really are an essential right?!? However, I usually tend to stick to nude or every now and then in the winter I will branch out to a deeper Burgundy. I usually don't like a print or design, but Valentines day is my exception! I love a cute mani to celebrate with a little heart here and there like this one from Olive & June.

Favorite Craft

I have always loved little ways to decorate for holidays, but as I get older I am finding that I like a more subtle way of going about it. Getting creative on holidays can be a lot of fun and really get you in the spirit, however, I do think that Valentines day, although a very cheesy holiday, can get a little tacky sometimes. I love how simple and easy these balloons are and add the perfect amount of sweetness to any Galentines day party or any occasion. (Found here)

Hope you all have a fun Valentines weekend!!



Pictures: LaurenConrad.comPinterest