Friday Favorites

With midterms fast approaching this week has had me feeling kind of blue, so I figured why not make these blue blue feelings cute?! Here are some of my favorites from this week and yes…they are all blue!

Favorite Look

The weather has been almost as annoying as studying for my English exam. I love this look right now because it is such a great way to incorporate layers on those days when it goes from being 75 to 63 in ten minutes… The high-waist jeans look flattering on so many different body types the oversized jean jacket breaks up the elongating look of the stripes. It looks comfy and oh so cute!

 Source:  Levi's

Source: Levi's

Favorite Space

I love everything about this space. Being an adultier adult with my own apartment and eventually my own house to decorate and throw dinner parties in is my ultimate dream! And with the advent of midterms it is getting closer and closer! I love this room because the bright blues bring such a nice pop of color to an otherwise neutral toned room - the perfect spot for some tea and a book!

 Source:  Her New Tribe

Favorites Eats

Smoothie Bowls! I am obsessed! With bikini weather fast approaching and my eye on this cute little graduation dress I have been looking for healthy ways to drop some LBS. This past week I have replaced one meal a day with a healthy smoothie alternative – and this one looks delish!

Favorite Beauty

Okay, I know what you’re thinking… does Kaitlin seriously wear bright blue lipstick?! Ummm…you bet I do because fun fact this lipstick goes on clear! Lip Stick queen products are my absolute favorite and this product specifically deserves a special shout out. I don’t know all of the exact science behind this little number BUT I know that it works with your natural skin tones to make teeth look whiter, eyes look brighter, and skin more glow-y.

 Source: Real Simple

Source: Real Simple

Favorite Fit Tip

You see this everywhere, “drink more water.” But it is honestly so important. Drinking a lot of water is a little something I pride myself on, I always opt for water over soda but never over margaritas – a girl has got to live a little! But I can always tell a huge difference in my body, energy levels and mental clarity when I drink a lot of water vs. when I drink none. So bottoms up girlies!

 Source:  Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Have a great weekend!

XO Kaitlin