6 Beauty Trends to Try This Spring

While I am currently writing this, the temperature outside is a mere 47 degrees, and last week, it snowed up state. However, it’s March! Spring is (allegedly) around the corner, which brings me to forecast Spring Trends for this year. Wherever you are, whether its sunny California, or Winter-until-May Michigan, spring beauty trends are officially on. And regardless of the weather, I’m here for it.

Without further ado, here’s what we’re feeling this spring at Courtney Sims:


1. Deep Side Parts + Bangs

 Source:  Huffington Post

In case you haven’t been to Urban Outfitters lately, the 90s are officially back, in all its glory. Which includes, but isn’t limited to, mom jeans, Calvin Klein, and on the hair front, deep side parts and bangs. I’ll be honest, I partially am posting about this because Jen Atkin posted about this trend on her Instagram page, but then I thought, why not? There’s something about the windswept look of a deep side part and bangs that I’m really feeling for this spring and summer, plus it reminds me of Pamela Anderson in her Baywatch days, which was the pinnacle of the 90s. Coming from someone who’s hair naturally splits down the middle, this took some serious effort, involving a brush and a blowdryer, to make this happen. Does this possible require maintenance? Yes. But is it worth it? Also yes.

2. Peachy Tones

 Source:  Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Like 95% of every other trend in fashion right now, we can thank a Kardashian-Jenner for this one. Peach is the color of the moment, and it isn’t limited to just lip color. Kylie Jenner’s Royal Peach Palette sold out in under a minute, along with her “Dirty Peach” lip kit. If you’re looking for the perfect peachy tint to add to your cheeks for that healthy glow, check out Glossier’s new Cloud Paint in Beam!

3. Hair Jewelry

 Source:  Here

Source: Here

If there’s ever a way to spice up a bad hair day, then this is it! When you wake up way past your alarm, or if the night before was a wash night that you didn’t do, hair jewelry is the perfect compromise to make your “dirty pony” day, on point and polished. I guarantee we will be seeing a ton of this at Coachella this year, and spring and summer brides will feature more dainty pieces. My personal favorite line Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel, with a variety of hair accessories to choose from!

4. Glossy Lips

 Source:  Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

When I hear the word “glossy”, I feel slightly mortified thinking about my overuse of Juicy Tubes in middle school. But hey, that was all of us at one point, right? (We’re looking at you, Paris Hilton.) And while velvet and matte lips had their moment, its time to purchase something glossy to pop on top of your lipstick. A healthy sheen on the lips is super glowy and summery, and can be done so easily! For a fuller pout, dab some clear gloss or vaseline in the middle of your lips, and for an all over glossier look, dab a tiiiiiny bit of gloss on top of your lipstick, or on top of nothing at all! But hear me, I said a tiny bit.

5. The “Bath Tub” Bun

 Source:  NY Daily News

The first time I saw this kind of messy, kind of fancy-looking bun was on Goldie Hawn at the Golden Globes, and then again at the Oscars by Alicia Vikander, and I knew this was going to be major this season. How do you even describe the perfect bath tub bun? It’s messy, but it’s polished. It’s up, but not all the way. It’s that time of day just before you get in the bath and you pull your hair up and think “Really? You couldn’t have looked like this all day?” To get the perfect “bath tub” bun, pull your hair up in to a HIGH ponytail, leaving out your bangs or some hair around your face. Then spray your pony with some dry shampoo or texture spray, and loosely wrap a bun, and pin. I like to take a blow dryer and round brush to my left out bangs, to give them that Farrah Fawcett flip…but that’s just me.

6. Natural Texture

Okay…so maybe this isn’t as much of a trend, as much it is a lifestyle to rock what you’ve got. Whether its straight, wavy, or curly, wearing your natural hair texture is awesome! Nothing makes me happier than finding the perfect product to work with your natural hair texture, not against it. There truly is hair products out there for everyone, and as a hair stylist, I encourage you to find what works for your hair! 

What beauty trends are you trying this Spring? Let us know in the comments below!

XO Hannah